Sunday, 25 October 2015

Visit to the Sunshine Coast Bonsai Show

Redlands held its annual bus trip to visit the Sunshine Coast Bonsai Society annual show, reciprocating their visit to our show just a couple of weeks ago. The annual bus trip is usually quite an expedition which rolls in lunch at the Yandina Ginger Factory (and tourist extravaganza)  as well as the Bonsai Northside Nursery on the way home. Our kind Treasurer ensured that the spoils from our recent show sales were put in our hands as we got on the bus, just in case there were some irresistible purchases to make on the trip.

 Our hosts put on an exception spread to welcome us to the show. No one is going to need lunch after this. Thanks Sunshine Coast Bonsai you've really set the standard.

 The centre-piece of the display, placed to be seen as you walk in the door was this amazingly architectural Schefflera - dwarf umbrella tree.

 An amazing privet.

 The awards had not yet been made but this Bougainvillea was a certainty for the People's choice if nothing else.

 A very sweet little black pine on a gorgeous stand.

 The only one unfortunately but a very high standard miniature group stand.

The first of two very nice junipers

 The show was held in the Memorial Hall at Buderim. A great old place on top of the hill and well set out for a show. The club has a very high standard of layout and presentation.

 This is a Chinese Elm

 Hard to tell from the picture but its a great miniature.


 Juniper demo

 Lunch at the Ginger Factory

 And finally at the nursery. As you see from the careful contemplation and the trolley some of those show sale gains were effectively recycled.

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