Sunday, 6 March 2016

March 2016 Meeting

Our March meeting was another full house to see our visitor Craig Jurd demonstrate a Saikei.

Craig explained that the landscape format was a 20th century innovation designed to use relatively immature material to get people engaged in the activity. As trees matured they could be reused for other plantings.

 Craig had a nice long rectangular pottery container, some nice 'slag' rocks that looked very volcanic and a host of ficus trees. It was surprising and interesting to see his choice of potting media was mostly coconut coir with some diatomite.

 With a little help from Geoff the trees were placed once the principal rock had been located.

With the trees having been pre-wired the final touch was a layer of the obligatory moss and the placement of a number of dwarf grass like plants for visual interest and landscape completion.

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