Sunday, 5 March 2017

Public calendar

The Blog page has an Annual Program area with a copy of the program for the year attached here. I'm also doing some experimenting to see if there are viable ways of using calendars better to support our program, in particular so members get reminders and notifications of changes and updates.

For Facebook users Events listed on the Societies Facebook page provide a lot of support when the event is subscribed to however a lot of our members are not on Facebook.

For those who don't use Facebook but do use Google Calendar I'm testing the use of an RBS public calendar here

That should open a new tab and and in the bottom right corner a button "+Google Calendar" should give the option to add the calendar to your own calendar.

From what I've read on line this address may be usable with Apple Calendar

It's possible that other calendar applications may allow the use of it as well but I've not tested against any others.

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