Saturday, 23 December 2017

Clerodendrum next stage

Not even Christmas can get in the way of a Clerodendrum. You just cant hold them back.
I made the air layer separation just two weeks ago but in that time it has firmed up in its pot and started to shoot everywhere I gave it a trim. So it seemed like as good a time as any to get on and make the cuts to prepare it for new branch development, and make the most of the summer weather.

Here is is immediately after the separation.
Every branch that was cut has started to re-shoot - typically with many shoots on each branch.

Before the next stage of work - here is a closer view of the trunk and branches. In the upper part of the trunk you can see a rather unattractive straight section that visually conflicts with the pleasing movement in the rest of the trunk. None of the branches have much to commend and there are simply not enough of them to make a decent bonsai. They all have to go as does that unsightly straight section of trunk.

Here I've marked up the piece at issue.

Here the work begins with the branch removal.

Nearly there.

Just the last bit to go at the top.

Ive left the stub of that last branch to suggest a continuation of the trunk movement to the left. The trunk had a number of old branch removal stubs - from the original, presumably collection cuts. These cuts were flat and flush and so around the trunk I've carved these out too, to make more 'natural' hollows.

This is from the right.

And the back.

And finally the left hand side. Here you can see a few of both old and new branch wounds that have been hollowed out. The final stage, not shown here was to seal all the cuts with cut putty to prevent dehydration and maximize the chances for re-shooting higher up the trunk. Now we wait to see what it does. There should be a response within two or three weeks.
We are going to have a "Clero" day at the club at our January meeting. That will be an opportunity to see what this tree gets up to in the next 4 weeks.
Merry Christmas and HNY.

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